Push Notifications

Catalyst Push notifications enables you to send remote notifications to the users of your application, even when the app is not actively running on the user device. You can send push notifications to a specific list of target users. You can include alerts, updates, or promotional content for the user to engage with your application.

Before you send push notifications, you must enable it for your web app when the user allows it. You can do this by implementing this code snippet in your web client. You can also access this code from the Push Notifications section in your Catalyst remote console. You must ensure that you include the web initialization script.

Note: Catalyst Push Notifications is currently not available to Catalyst users accessing from the EU, AU, IN, or CA data centers.

Get Component Instance

You can create a pushNotification component reference as shown below. This will not fire a server-side call. We will refer to this component instance while sending push notifications.

//Get a pushNotification instance const pushNotification = app.pushNotification();

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Push notifications