The Subscription Pricing Model

The subscription pricing models requires the users to pay a fixed subscription fee in advance on a monthly basis, and purchase Catalyst resources worth that amount as determined by the pricing. This is a prepaid model in which a fixed set of resources are allocated for each subscription amount tier.

Catalyst currently provides the following price tiers for the subscription model:

  • USD 25 plan
  • USD 50 plan
  • USD 75 plan
  • USD 100 plan

If you choose to opt for the subscription model, you can select your preferred subscription price tier and set up your payment method for your account in the Zoho Store. Catalyst will deduct the payment, and the amount will be consumed for your resource usage in that month.

Note: If your Catalyst account is registered in a region or data center other than the US, the pricing of these tiers are calculated in your local currency correspondingly. The payments are processed in your local currency.


  • The subscription pricing model is aimed at users who require a specific amount to be budgeted at their organization or businesses every month for Catalyst usage.

  • The subscription model is beneficial for SMBs or enterprises of various scales, as it enables a way for you to meticulously plan and allocate allowances for your operations, and manage your expenditures effectively.

  • The subscription pricing model also includes a plan benefit, similar to the free tier usage allowance, in which the minimum billing amount, i.e., USD 5 worth of resources overall is provided for free of cost. This is refreshed on a monthly basis, and is not just a one-time benefit. Therefore, if you subscribe to a $25 plan, you will infact be provided with $30 worth of resources that includes the $5 from the plan benefit. Similarly, in a $50 plan, you will get $55 worth of resources, and so on.

  • While the cost you incur with the pay-as-you-go model can vary depending on your usage, you can pay a fixed price each month with the subscription model. If you are fully aware of your requirements and utilization, you can calculate and determine the exact price tier you will need, and optimize your expenses.

Subscription Inclusions

Catalyst provides a quota of resources for each subscription plan tier, worth that amount’s usage. You can write to to find out about the exact inclusions in each subscription price tier.

Note: The inclusions in a subscription price tier are not not cumulative. For example, if your subscription tier includes upto 1M function calls, 200k row insertions, or 100k file uploads, each of these are not available individually in an additive manner. It means, you can either avail upto 1M function calls, or upto 200k row insertions, or upto 100k file uploads of usage. Catalyst only provides you resources that are worth the overall value of that price tier. You can split the difference across components and operations, based on your needs.

The subscription fee you pay applies to your Catalyst account overall, for as many projects you create in any number of organizations, and not for individual projects. Similar to the pay-as-you-go model, the inclusions provided for a price tier are refreshed monthly. You can therefore avail a fresh quota of resources each month, as soon as you pay your monthly subscription fee.

Exceeding the Subscription Amount

Catalyst will consider your subscription amount as consumed if you exceed the quota of the resource inclusions of that tier, overall within the month. For example, if your subscription tier provides upto 200k row insertions, any row insertion made beyond this limit will be regarded as exceeding the plan.

When this occurs, you will need to upgrade to the next pricing tier to continue using Catalyst. For example, if you exceed the $25 subscription plan before its validity period, you will need to upgrade to any of the next tiers, such as $50 or $75 plan to continue your usage without interruption.

If you fail to upgrade your subscription plan, Catalyst will temporarily suspend your account activities. You will not be able to work with any of your Catalyst projects or use any Catalyst resources until you configure your plan upgrade. However, Catalyst allows a usage buffer after you consume your amount, as explained in the next section.

Subscription Plan Benefits

The USD 5 worth of resources provided for free as the subscription plan benefit is added in the plan’s inclusions by default. That is, the inclusions you see for a specific price tier already contain the plan benefits.

In addition to the USD 5 plan benefits, Catalyst also allows a buffer of 10% in usage after you consume your subscription amount, in each price tier. However, before you cross this 10% of excess usage, you will need to upgrade your subscription amount to avoid your Catalyst account’s suspension.


In a USD 25 plan, you will be permitted to use 10% of that amount or $2.5 worth of resources in excess, before your account is suspended. After you upgrade your plan to the next tier, you can utilize the full set of inclusions provided in that tier from scratch.

Note: Catalyst also helps you keep track of your usage and manage it effectively by auto-creating budgets, based on your subscription plan as soon as you subscribe. These budgets will automatically configured and alerts will be set for your usage of 50%, 75%, and 90% of that subscription amount. You will be alerted each time you approach these budget limits through email.

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