Pricing Calculations

The Catalyst Pricing page contains the latest pricing calculations of each action in a feature or component in every Catalyst service.

Depending on the operation in a specific component, the unit of pricing will vary. For most components, the pricing calculations mentioned in the Pricing Page are self-explanatory.

For example, the unit of pricing for Circuits in Serverless is amount/state transition, which indicates that each transition occurring in every circuit is billed at the specified price. Similarly, the unit of pricing for operations such as a File Store Download, Data Store Insertion, or Cache Get is amount/request, which indicates that each request or API call made will be billed at the specified price. Components such Mail, Push Notifications, or Search are priced in the units of amount/email sent, amount/notifications sent, amount/query executed respectively.

The units of pricing for Serverless Functions and AppSail are GB-Second and GB-Hour respectively, which are not as straightforward as the other units. Let’s discuss these units with an example. Consider the pricing for these units as given below.

Functions Per Second Memory USD Per Second
128 MB 0.000002
256 MB 0.000004
512 MB 0.000008

AppSail Per Instance Per Hour Memory USD Per Second
256 MB 0.02
512 MB 0.04
1GB 0.08
2GB 0.16

The tables indicate that a 128 MB function’s execution will incur a cost of USD 0.000002 per second. This price varies based on each function’s configured memory size. A single unit of this is considered as 1 GB-Second. That is, USD 0.000002 worth of usage per second for a function execution is 1 GB-Second for functions of memory size 128MB.

If the free tier hard limits provided for function executions is 25000 GB-Seconds, for instance, it means that we provide 25000 x 0.000002 for a function of 128 MB, which is equal to USD 0.05 worth of executions for free.

This is similarly calculated for each memory size of a function. For example, if a function is of 512 MB, then the 25000 GB-Seconds that are provided in the free tier would indicate that 25000 x 0.000008 i.e., USD 0.2 worth of usage is free.

This principle is exactly the same for the unit of GB-Hour assigned to AppSail executions. The only difference being, the executions are timed on a per hour basis instead of a per second basis, as done for functions. Therefore, 1 unit of GB-Hour is USD 0.02 worth of usage per hour for an AppSail service instance of 256 MB size.

Note: The hard limits in the free tier allowance specified in terms of GB-Seconds and GB-Hour units of pricing for functions and AppSail are not cumulative. That is, if 25,000 GB-Seconds are provided for free, it is split overall across all function executions of all memory sizes. It does not indicate that Catalyst provides 25,000 GB-Seconds for 128 MB functions, another 25,000 GB-Seconds for 256 MB functions, and so on.

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