Old Pricing Model

Until Catalyst sunsets the old pricing model on 1 April 2024 for the users who had signed up before 1 Jan 2024, the old pricing method will still be applicable. You can refer to this section for the details of the old pricing model.

Key Points to Remember

Free and Paid Tiers

  • Catalyst permanently offers the development environment for free. You can work in this sandbox in all your Catalyst applications, make API calls, and use most of Catalyst features and components without setting up your payment method.
Note: The development environment comes with usage and feature limitations, and must therefore be used only for development and testing purposes.
  • You will only be charged for using the production environment. After you have deployed your Catalyst application to production, you will be priced for the API calls that are made to the components of your live Catalyst application.

Payment Units

  • There are two units of payment followed in the old pricing model: Amount and Credits. Amount refers to the money in ISD that you pay after a bill is generated. Credits refer to the value points that each Catalyst operation is charged with.

  • Every time you use a Catalyst resource, the operation will consume a certain number of credits. Based on the total number of credits used, your bill amount will be calculated. You can read about this in detail in the Pricing Calculations.

Pricing Plans

  • Catalyst offers two pricing plans:

    • Light User
    • Heavy User
  • These pricing plans are project-specific. That is, the pricing plan of one project can be ‘Heavy User’ and another project be ‘Light User’ for the same user account.

  • Based on your usage of Catalyst components and services in a particular project, Catalyst’s cost optimization software will automatically analyze and assign the project to a pricing plan. The software always ensures that you are assigned to the most cost-optimized solution.

  • The differences in both the pricing plans lie in the fixed fee and usage fee. You can check the details from the old Pricing page.

Pricing Calculations

  • The operations that you perform in your Catalyst application for a component are component calls. For example, you can insert, update, delete rows in a table in the Data Store using the APIs, or put and get key values in a cache. These operations are priced in terms of credits, and the final amount is calculated based on the credits consumed.

For example, 1 Data Store Insert operation costs 2 credits. Therefore, if you perform 1000 Data Store insert operations, you will use 2000 credits.

  • Each operation type in a Catalyst component costs different amount of credits. Additionally, some components charge for storage that exceed the free limits. They are priced in terms of credits as well.

  • The overall bill amount is calculated based on the total number of credits you have consumed in your Catalyst account in all your projects, the operational or storage cost of each operation in a component, and the pricing plan of each project.

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