Use cases

Zia components can be implemented in applications of vast domains including finance, health care, entertainment, retail, marketing, tourism, real estate, supply chain, and many more. A few effective real time use-cases of Zia services are listed below :

  1. An ecommerce application that implements AutoML to provide recommendations based on the purchase patterns and the personalized interests of their customers. Barcode Scanner can be enabled in the application to fetch product information from the printed codes when customers return or exchange the products they purchased. E-KYC can also be incorporated in the application to extract the details of the AADHAAR cards or other ID proofs of the customer, and verify the same using any legal government sources, if they opt for postpaid or EMI payment schemes.

  2. A payment application that uses the Identity Scanner feature to extract the credentials of the customer PAN card and verify the same with the existing information with the service provider. The application can also extract bank passbook details and cheques using the Passbook and Cheque models of Identity Scanner, and perform an Identity check when users make money transfers to bank accounts. Besides these, Facial Comparison can be implemented in this use case to verify the identities of users by comparing an uploaded photograph of theirs with the photograph in their ID proof.

  3. A content review application that collates data by processing reviews that users publish in its platform after the release of movies, web series or books and uses Sentiment Analysis to analyse the emotions expressed by users in their reviews. Based on the extracted results, a group’s favorite score can be generated. This can hugely benefit the audience to know the overall gist and response received by the movie or book beforehand making a purchase or booking.

  4. An application linked to traffic security cameras implements OCR to read license plates of the vehicles that violate the speed limits and other traffic regulations in that locality. The data fetched from this application can be sent to the respective legal authorities, enabling them to take necessary actions on the perpetrators.

  5. An application linked to the operational cameras in a retail store can implement the Object Recognition and Face Analytics feature to monitor and analyze the pattern of crowd during specific days of the week, their age, and their gender in order to gain useful insights for the store owners to best know their customer demographics.This can even be used to detect the facial emotions expressed by the customers during the launch of a new product to analyze its reception and its future scope.

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