Components of Zia Services

Test-based components

Image-based components

As depicted above, Catalyst Zia services comprises of varied components, each with a specific functionality and scope. They can be broadly classified into two categories :

Text-based components

  • AutoML : AutoML analyzes a set of training data that you provide and predicts the outcome of a particular subset of that data. You can train models before performing predictive analysis. This enables Zia to iterate through a variety of advanced machine learning algorithms for the training, and provide accurate results.

  • Text Analytics : The Text Analytics component processes textual content and performs these operations on it - Sentiment Analysis, Named Entity Recognition, and Keyword Extraction. This allows you to obtain the tone of the text, the categorizations of the entities recognized from it, and the key words and phrases in it that provide a gist of the text.

Image-based components

  • OCR : OCR detects textual characters in images (printed or hand-written), and converts them to machine encoded text.

  • Face Analytics : The Face Analytics component uses image-processing capabilities and AI to detect faces in images and analyse the gender, age and emotion of the detected faces for accurate decision-making.

  • Image Moderation : The Image Moderation component detects and recognizes unsafe content in images including content indicating violence, gore, blood, weapons, drug and nudity.

  • Object Recognition : The Object Recognition component detects, locates and recognizes individual objects from the uploaded image file and returns information such as the coordinates and type of the object.

  • Barcode Scanner : The Barcode Scanner component scans the machine-readable encoded information in the barcodes, decodes it and returns the response.

  • Identity Scanner : The Identity Scanner component enables you to perform secure identity checks on individuals and documents by scanning and processing various Indian ID proof documents such as Aadhaar cards, PAN cards, bank passbooks, and cheque leaves.

Note: AutoML is currently not available to Catalyst users accessing from the EU, AU, IN, or CA data centers. Identity Scanner is only relevant to Indian Users and is therefore available only in the IN DC.

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