• Boosts Customer Experience : With powerful AI and ML components readily available to be implemented, application developers can focus more on the overall workflow and underlying core logic of the app than configuring ML features from scratch.

  • Quick Seamless Integration : You can integrate multiple Zia components into your application with ease. This can be done by implementing the component specific sample SDK code templates in your application’s codebase, or by accessing the respective API endpoints. This easy integration process aids in a hassle-free journey by substantially reducing your time and efforts from developing complex algorithms and code, or performing elaborate configurations.

  • Test and Implement : You can test each Zia component in the console with sample data before implementing it in your Catalyst application. This will help you gain better insights about the component’s functioning and the responses generated.

  • Cost savings : With the Catalyst services being hosted on a serverless platform, the server-on-demand technology ensures that server spaces are utilized only when requests are made. Catalyst works with the pay-as-you-go model, where you are charged only for the API calls being made to access the Zia services.

  • Efficiency and Error Reduction : With highly streamlined machine learning models trained built using well-designed algorithms, the efficiency of the overall outcome is increased and the percentile prone to errors is drastically reduced.

  • High performance and Scalability : Catalyst Zia aims to provide high levels of throughput with minimal latency of requests. The scope of an application that implements Zia can be scaled easily, as the underlying infrastructure is capable of processing massive amounts of data in a streamlined manner. With its high auto-scalable capability, Catalyst’s server resources are allocated on demand instantly, which can in turn manage high traffic spikes effectively.

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