Data Connectors

Data is the most crucial part to handle in any analytics or machine learning pipeline platform. Hence, the Data connectors are intended to import data into QuickML service that is stored in local file system, internal and external cloud storage solutions with ease. The data connectors will be acting as a data ingestion engine to import data into QuickML service using cloud native approaches and asynchronous design. Asynchronous data importing will be taken care of with schedulers in QuickML service. The data can be from any of the widely-used cloud storage services, such as Google Cloud, AWS S3 object storage, or Azure Blob. With proper access permissions, the data will be imported into QuickML service once the data import is initiated.

The connectors will download the data that is requested to be imported by streaming and storing it into QuickML storage. This data can be used for model training or analytical purposes in QuickML. The supported data connector options are listed below.

Data Connectors

Internal data Connectors

The following are the in-house Zoho products that are available as data connectors in QuickML by default:

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