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DevOps FAQ

Browse through queries related to the various components and features of the Catalyst DevOps
service, such as APM, Logs, Metrics, Automation Testing, GitHub Integration, and Application Alerts.



What is Catalyst DevOps?
Catalyst DevOps is a Catalyst service that allows you to implement a DevOps model in your application building process, and it provides with components you can use to perform automated iterative testing, application monitoring and other debugging tools. You can familiarize yourself with Catalyst DevOps and its components from this help section.


What is the key difference between Catalyst Logs and Catalyst Application Performance Monitoring?
Both Catalyst Logs and Catalyst Application Performance Monitoring are similar, but the Logs component provides basic information about your function executions while Application Performance Monitoring component gives you detailed information and enables you to monitor your functions more efficiently.

Can I filter logs based on a particular user's function invocation?
You have to store the current logged in user’s is in the log so that you can apply filter for the same.

Application Performance Monitoring

What insights can I get from APM?
You will be able to monitor your application performance from APM. You will get the details about each of your function calls which you can use to optimize your function code. If you have accessed many of the Catalyst components and want to know on the where it takes more time to execute, you will be able to identify each of the Catalyst component calls in a graphical format so that it would be helpful to optikize your logic in order to improve your overall application performance.

Why do I get 'You cannot perform this operation since you or one of your collaborator is a part of a different Organisation account' error while enabling APM?
You will face this error if you have any of the collaborators joined in your project is from a different Catalyst org. You have to remove the collaborator who is in different org in order to enable APM. Once enabled, you can add back the collaborator to your project.

Automation Testing

Is there a way to test my function from the console by storing the test suite and testcase information?
You can make use of the automation testing available in catalyst console. you will be able to test your function end to end for all the HTTP request method types and you can also create and store diff test suite and testcase information for future use.

What will happen when I exhaust 500 free runs in Automation Testing component?
After you have exhausted the 500 free runs, automatically you will get charged for the further runs. For this reason, you will be asked to setup Catalyst payments mandatorily when you deploy your application to production.

Application Alerts

How do I get notified if I face any run time errors in my background running functions such as Cron or an event functions?
You can create an application Alert for your Cron or event listener functions or specific logtype written to the application logs for any code breakage, or unhandled exception or function timeout which has been occured. You can also specify the threshold for the exception count. When the result of the alert condition has crossed the threshold, all the emails which have been configured for alerts will receive an email to notify the code breakage.

Is there any limit for the number of Application alerts for a project?
Yes, you can create a maximum of 5 alerts in the development environment and up to 20 alerts in the production environment.

When can I configure Catalyst Application Alerts?
You can use Application Alerts to notify you in the event of a failure in Cron, Event Listener or Logs. You can configure email alerts for each time there are failures or for specific event occurrences in any of these components.


What is Metrics?
You can get the usage information on various catalyst components from Metrics. You can be able to quickly have a look at the number of segments created in your cache, no of rows created each day in datastore etc. By this way , you will be able roughly calculate your monthly billing on the resources utilized and identify your application demand on when the resources have been utilized maximum and minimum by the application.

GitHub Integration

Can I deploy my code directly from github to catalyst without the need for CLI?
Yes, you can integrate your github account with your catalyst account. Once integrated, catalyst will list all your github hosted repositories. You can deploy your code from github to catalyst development environment with a click of a button eliminating the need for running commands or to configure a CICD to sync the code.

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