Examples of How Catalyst Serverless Can Improve Businesses

  • When organizations change their platform provider, either for an upgrade or for financial reasons, they often find that their options for exact alternatives are limited. They require their new providers to be compatible with their existing codebase and setup, and to keep data loss to a minimum. Using the Serverless component AppSail, developers can easily migrate and host applications in a few simple steps and manage running instances with zero data loss, and severely minimize the operational downtime typically caused during migration.

  • You can accelerate your application’s output and optimize its processing time by designing and implementing workflows using Serverless’ Circuits. Consider a company that has a huge CSV file consisting of millions of cold lead records. Instead of manually sorting and distributing the records, you can utilize Basic I/O functions. Create a Circuit where once the file is uploaded to the Cloud Scale Data Store, an Event Listener triggers an event function. This event function can start a circuit where the records are split into manageable numbers and distributed amongst the lead managers as individual CSV files using the Mail component.

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