• Serverless components, like Functions and AppSail , help you build, host, and manage your applications without concerning yourself with infrastructure requirements, server setup and management, resource allocation, or server downtime.

  • Serverless Circuits optimize and expedite the creation of complex workflows that automate redundant tasks.

  • With Serverless Functions, you can access and implement the functionalities of multiple Catalyst service components using Catalyst SDKs. You also benefit from a range of platform-agnostic access points through Catalyst APIs.

  • Serverless’ Integration Functions enable you to integrate with other Zoho services and utilize their functionalities in your Catalyst application.

  • Manage event-driven architecture in your applications through Event Functions, that also enable you to handle events occurring in other Zoho services through Zoho Event Listeners.

  • Using AppSail, you can seamlessly and securely host independent applications built using any frameworks and dependencies you require, with ease. AppSail allows you to manage the server instances and the platform where your service is hosted.

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