Errors are the unexpected faulty behaviours that occur during the app execution. All errors and exceptions in Catalyst iOS apps are handled by enumerations called ZCatalystError, defined in the iOS SDK package.

If an error occurs in your app, the following properties of the error are returned:

  • code: Unique identifier of the error
  • message: General description about the error
  • details: Additional information about the error

A list of common error codes thrown by the Catalyst iOS SDK and their descriptions are given below:

Error Codes Descriptions
INVALID_DATA Data is in an invalid format
INTERNAL_ERROR Error occurred due to internal problems, servers, or something else
RESPONSE_NIL No response was returned from the server
TOKEN_FETCH_ERROR Failed to fetch the access token
OAUTH_FETCH_ERROR Error occurred while fetching the OAUTH token
UNABLE_TO_CONSTRUCT_URL Error occurred while constructing the URL
PROCESSING_ERROR Error occurred while processing the data
TYPECAST_ERROR Error occurred while type-casting the data
NO_INTERNET_CONNECTION Device is not connected to the internet
REQUEST_TIMEOUT Response from the server did not arrive on time
NETWORK_CONNECTION_LOST Device has lost its connection with the Internet
INITIALIZATION_ERROR Error occurred while initializing the SDK
FUNCTION_EXECUTION_ERROR Error occurred while executing a function
JSON_EXCEPTION Error occurred while parsing the JSON

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