Push Notifications


Catalyst Push notifications enables you to send remote notifications to the users of your application, even when the app is not actively running on the user device. Catalyst provides you with an easy way to integrate push notifications into your Catalyst web and iOS applications.

Note: Catalyst Push Notifications is currently not available to Catalyst users accessing from the EU, AU, IN, or CA data centers.

Before you send push notifications, you must follow a set of steps to register your app and enroll for Catalyst push notifications. These steps are mentioned in sequence below:

  1. Register your iOS app with Apple
  2. Generate a certificate from Keychain Access
  3. Generate and download the APNs certificate provided by Apple
  4. Convert the downloaded APNs certificate into the .p12 format:
  5. Enrolling for iOS Push Notification Services in Catalyst
  6. Register a Mobile Device for Push Notifications
Note: The first five steps are covered in detail in the Push Notifications- iOS Implementation help section. This iOS SDK help documentation only covers the sixth step regarding registering a device to send push notifications, as well as deregistering a device. You can implement steps 1 -5 by referring to the Push Notifications help document, before using the code given below.

Register a Mobile Device for Push Notifications

After you complete the first five steps mentioned above you can implement the following code in your iOS app that will register the device for Catalyst push notifications. You will need to pass the device token obtained after registering the device for remote push notifications with APNS in step 3, and the notificationAppID from the Catalyst iOS properties file to the registerNotification() method as shown below.

ZCatalystApp.shared.registerNotification(token: e5fr218a911sa21, appID: 12345678, testDevice: false) { error in if let error = error { return print("Error : \( error )") } print("Registered successfully") }


  • token: Device token obtained after registering the device for remote push notifications with APNS
  • appID: The notificationAppID obtained from the AppConfigurationDevelopment.plist/ AppConfigurationProduction.plist file

After your device is registered, you will be able to send push notifications to your app users. The users will need to provide the permission for your app to send push notifications to them on their device, by clicking Allow from the permission prompt.

You can learn about sending test push notifications on your registered devices from the Catalyst console from this help section.

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