Add Column Value to Row

You can set the value for a single specific column in a row by this method. This can be used while creating or updating a row in a column.

The <ROW_INSTANCE> used in the code below is the instance created in the Row Instance page.

<ROW_INSTANCE>.setColumnValue( columnName : String, value : Any? )


  • columnName: The name of the column the value should be set for
  • value: The value to be set for the column

A sample code snippet is shown below:

let instance = ZCatalystApp.shared.getDataStoreInstance().getTableInstance(id: 1096000000002071).newRow() //Replace this with your Table ID instance.setColumnValue(columnName: "Department_Name", value: "Marketing") instance.setColumnValue(columnName: "Employee_Name", value: "Robert Jones") //Replace this with your column name and value

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