Real-world Use Cases of DevOps

  • Incident Management & Disaster Recovery : Configuring application alerts for the supported components in your Catalyst application aids you in identifying and resolving issues that impact the product uptime, speed, and functionality as a whole. If there are any critical issues with the application, this feature proactively notifies the concerned authorities regarding high-risk errors or failures and ensures whether the application’s functioning is intact. Being aware of code failures and bugs, and fixing them before they affect the end-users of the application can help you maintain your software quality and brand reliability.

  • Traceability & Visibility : Visibility and traceability are the hallmarks of a DevOps platform. By leveraging the monitoring components in Catalyst DevOps, your applications can receive real-time alerts, analysis reports, and insights that help you see the impact of your code and the changes you make in your code on the overall business value and user experience. DevOps components helps you gain a clear understanding about your application’s resources, its execution, functioning, and the scope for improvement in it.

  • Qualitative and Efficient testing : In contrast to the traditional manual testing methods, which involve coding and executing scripts to verify a testcase every time, automation testing eases the process by saving the time and effort involved in test case executions and also boosts the quality of the validations being done. It allows to schedule tests to be executed automatically for the required conditions and also validate them with the expected results.

  • Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery : The CI/CD approach allows faster and streamlined delivery of resources frequently, with automation enabled in the entire flow right from the developer to the customer end. The core architecture of CI/CD facilitates a pipeline system where multiple pipelines from varied code sources are merged together when finally making it to production, and it also allows to perform integrations in a continuous manner and deploying them as and when the updates are being made. Thereby, it eases the testing phase with the ability to run and execute tests with each update made in the source code as frequently as needed. Our Catalyst platform offers integration with external applications such as GitHub to ensure continuous integration of the source code from the git repositories with the Catalyst console.

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