Introduction to the Application

The application is a simple URL shortener application that reduces the length of URLs to make sharing and accessing them more convenient. It is built as a single-page React application using Catalyst as a serverless platform.

You can access a working application and test its functioning here:

This tutorial explains an additional method of implementing a Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) setup in the application. By implementing CI/CD, you do not need to manually test and build The configured CI system will handle all the procedures and notify you if any bugs or errors are encountered.

Note: Please access the primary tutorial on building the application, for details of its application architecture, function and client code, and the steps to build and deploy it. This tutorial only illustrates implementing CI/CD in a Catalyst application, using as an example. You can recreate this setup to implement automated testing and deployment of any Catalyst application during its first build or subsequent updates.

As explained in the primary tutorial, the source code of the application that we have provided has the following directory structure: react_cicd_source_code_directory

We will use the travis.yml in the directory to define the specifications for automatically building and testing the code. This is explained in detail later on in this tutorial.

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Min Time to Complete:

50 mins

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Serverless Cloud Scale


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