Catalyst ConvoKraft


ConvoKraft is an AI-driven service that can be used to build conversational bots for your Catalyst application that converses through text. You can interact with the bots built on ConvoKraft in conversational English, in a similar way that you interact with a person. For understanding the intent of your message, ConvoKraft bots are extensively trained with Natural Language Understanding (NLU) algorithms. This NLU ability helps it with comprehending messages and responding conversationally.

ConvoKraft is a part of the Catalyst development platform that bundles together multiple on-demand development services. Each of these fully-functional services is comprised of multiple components. When you create a Catalyst application and build bots for it, the setup and management of the server resources utilized by the application is handled entirely by Catalyst, thereby completely eliminating the infrastructure, maintenance costs and efforts from your end.

You can use the Catalyst serverless functions component (Integration functions) to code the business logic of your ConvoKraft bots in Java, Node.js, or Python programming environments. You can also leverage the Catalyst Devops service to continuously monitor and fetch the execution details of your Catalyst functions. Catalyst services can be either be used independently, or be integrated with one another to build highly-functional, robust applications and microservices of any scale.

Note: You can explore all the other Catalyst components under various Catalyst services, such as Catalyst Cloud Scale, Catalyst Serverless, Catalyst Devops, and more.

You can also code the business logic of your ConvoKraft bots using Deluge, Zoho’s native online scripting language. These functions will be hosted on Zoho’s serverless environment. Alternatively, ConvoKraft allows you to develop business logic in any programming language of your choice, hosted on a public server and they can be accessed within ConvoKraft through webhooks. The developed bots need to be embedded into your application’s front end (say web application), for your application’s users to use it. Catalyst offers the ConvoKraft Javascript client SDK package to build and embed bots in your web applications with ease.

You can utilize the client SDK to plug in the bot you build in your application or website’s front end, and avail a streamlined, end-to-end bot building experience. After you code the business logic for your bots and embed them into your application, you can train and test them in the development environment and then deploy it to production. You can set permissions for each Catalyst profile to access and update the bots in your Catalyst project.

You can also familiarize yourself with Catalyst ConvoKraft and other Catalyst services by trying out this tutorial. You can get started quickly with Catalyst ConvoKraft using this quick start guide.

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