ConvoKraft JavaScript Client SDK


A ConvoKraft bot can be added to your web application at ease using the ConvoKraft JavaScript SDK, so that users can directly interact with the bot through the programmed chat window.

This documentation provides detailed information on the steps to integrate the JavaScript SDK with your Catalyst web application and customize the ConvoKraft bot as per your application’s specific requirements.

This SDK supports all modern web browsers, including the following minimum versions:

Browser Version
Microsoft Edge 12+
Mozilla Firefox 21+
Google Chrome 23+
iOS Safari 6+

SDK Integration

Add the following code snippet in the index.html file of your web application’s source code to plug in the ConvoKraft JS SDK to your application :

<script src=""> </script>

Please make sure to include the following code snippet to your web application to make the chat window appear in the traditional chatbot position i.e., the bottom right corner of your Catalyst web application screen. You can further alter the size, position, appearance and customize the chat window completely as required. We will be discussing them in detail in this section.

<div class="anchor_convokraft_toBottom"> <convokraft-chat-bot bot-name="test" project-id="6687000000009014" org-id="74535893"></convokraft-chat-bot> </div> Style - <style> div.anchor_convokraft_toBottom { width: 330px; height: 450px; position: fixed; bottom: 0; right: 0; } </style>
  1. Please make sure the convokraft-chat-sdk.js is included after <convokraft-chat-bot/> tag.

  2. This SDK works best in fixed positioning, so please make sure the container around <convokraft-chat-bot/> tag is a fixed positioned one.

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