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Catalyst SDK FAQ

Browse through FAQ related to the Catalyst SDK packages available: Java, Node.js, Python, Web,
Android, iOS, and Flutter such as their set up and usage, sample code snippets, resolving errors, and more.


Catalyst SDK

How do I access Catalyst SDKs?

You can access Catalyst SDKs from two places in the Catalyst console:

  1. From the expanded menu in the project page:

Open your project in the Catalyst console and click your profile picture. The expanded menu contains the links to download various SDKs that you can use in your application.

  1. From the Developer Tools in Settings: The Developer Tools in Settings also contains the links to access and download the SDKs that are available for your project.

You can refer to the Catalyst console help page for detailed help with accessing the SDKs and using the console.

How do I fix it if the 'getCurrentUser()' method in the User Management SDK returns null?

If the client portal wasn’t authenticated before triggering the Basic I/O or Advanced I/O function that contains the getCurrentUser() method, then the function will run using the admin authentication. This will cause the method to return a null response.

Therefore, you should ensure that you have authenticated the client portal before executing the getCurrentUser() method.

Why do I get an 'Invalid Client' error when I try to generate a refresh token and provide it as an input to the connectors?
This error will occur if you try to generate the token with the auth URL domain for a different data center (DC) other than your account’s DC. You must ensure that you have generated the grant token (code), refresh_token and access_token for the same DC as your account.

Why am I getting an 'OAUTH_SCOPE_MISMATCH' error for the POST or for method calls other than GET for my third party application while generating a token through the Connectors?
This error will occur if you do not include proper scopes for the POST operation or for other operations while generating the grant token (code). Generate the grant token by adding the required scopes for all the operations you are going to perform, and then use the new token for the operations.

How do I store and manage multiple access tokens in Catalyst connectors?
You can store the access token for multiple users in a cache segment by specifying a unique key name for each user. If the value is present in the cache, it will return the same access token value for all subsequent calls, till it expires. After it expires, Connectors will automatically get a new access token and store it in the cache. You can refer this tutorial where we have implemented the logic of handling the access tokens of multiple users via Catalyst Connectors.

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